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If this goes on, perhaps you need to rethink your objectives.

Tune in to your intuition and listen carefully to your inner voice. The heart knows what it beats for. Be patient as you try to get more clarity.

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Deep Love Weekly Tarot Prediction August 19-26 2019 All Sun Signs #love #tarot #tarotreading

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This is a great time to right your wrongs and ask for forgiveness. This is also a helpful influence for creative expression.

Warrior Mars connects with Jupiter, the planet of beliefs, on Thursday, July 25, helping us move forward with our will. Under this influence, we can put our beliefs into action and stand up for ourselves. Jupiter is retrograde, so maybe what we thought we believed in has changed, and now is the time to act on this revision. The intensity of Cancer season is finally loosening its grip. Let the world be your catwalk— show off!

This week kicks off with an extra pep in your step.


Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

The sun and Venus move into your sign, encouraging style and grace for the coming weeks. Consider scheduling a hair appointment at the beginning of August, after the new moon, so your hair grows with the moon! As your solar return approaches, this is the beginning of a new chapter. Venus in Leo is a good time to get in touch with your personal style—figure out what feels good when if comes to your presentation, and how you can express yourself to your fullest potential. You have an extra boost in energy to assert yourself and make your presence known as warrior Mars harmonizes with lucky Jupiter.

Get creative, get romantic, be yourself, and have fun! As more planets move into Leo, you are getting the hang of solitude.

Love is the most important human experience.

Leo season is about taking care of yourself and preparing to emerge as a new and improved Virgo during your season. Leo is the sign that oversees an isolated sector of your chart. Consider the activities that you enjoy doing alone, and figure out ways to bring peace and happiness to your solitary time, like with reading, meditation, or a dance class. Venus, the planet of love, meets your planetary ruler Mercury, allowing you to smooth things over with your friends and express your platonic affections with an open heart.

After the hustle and grind of Cancer season, Leo season begins!


Instead of being so preoccupied with your reputation, you can now share the fruits of your labor with your community. This week, start to consider how you can support the people who support your hopes and dreams. Your planetary ruler Venus, the planet of love and money, meets with retrograde Mercury on Wednesday, making midweek an ideal time to loop back on a work email, or reach out to important connections that fell off track. Forgiveness is available—forgive yourself, your parents, or boss.

Smooth things over. High-energy Mars connects with lucky Jupiter, helping you get your point across and express your ultimate message. Leo season lights up your house of career and reputation, putting you in the spotlight. The coming weeks bring an opportunity to show off your deep and dangerous knowledge, and look good doing it, too!

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Hard work pays off as your planetary ruler Mars connects with lucky Jupiter, helping you on your way toward financial abundance. Venus in Leo brings a pleasant air to your reputation, making you all the more desirable. Midweek is a good time for publishing something or sending off some revisions, as sweet Venus meets retrograde Mercury, the planet of communication.

These eclipses have been transformative, and not always the easiest. Mercury retrograde continues to find you working through financial setbacks, perhaps via delayed payments or tax bureaucracy. Midweek there is an ease to these tough conversations once Mercury meets the planet of money, Venus, helping to forgive any delays in payment. There is a big boost in confidence that allows you to share your ideas with the world as action planet Mars harmonizes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, making it easy for you to cover a lot of ground.

Leo season opens you up to traveling, either mentally through books or physically on planes. The planet of love, Venus, meets with retrograde Mercury, helping you address touchy topics in your partnerships with emotional intelligence. You can go over things that have been said that hurt your feelings, or better yet, the things that made you feel good!

Leo season activates the sector of your chart related to deep intimacy and transformation, so whatever commitments have been prominent must follow suit as you merge resources or try to understand others on a less-than-superficial level.