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Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts. Guest guest. Report post. Posted March 29, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 15, First type of Yoga can be also understood as Chandradhi Yoga, where Guru will give desire to achieve money and prosperity, while depending on its position from Lagna, this will be achieved. In such cases, a person should worship Indra. When there are such planets on both flanks of the Moon, Durdhura Yoga is given rise to resulting in the native being bountiful, blessed with great wealth and conveyances. When both houses are untenanted by such planets the native is subject to Kemadruma Yoga which renders him dirty, sorrowful, doing unrighteous deeds, poor, dependent, a rogue and a swindler.

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For the last mentioned Arishta there are mitigating or nullifying factors. One of these Yogas is necessarily present in every nativity. You may then divide humanity into these four categories.

The Placement of the Moon from the Jupiter in Astrology -Part -1 - Sakata Yoga

One can then see the futility of taking the results for literal application to nativities. The principle evidently is that every house and planet gets fortified when there are planets in flanking houses with which planets the planet so flanked establishes temporary friendship as well. This is particularly needed in the case of the luminaries, the Moon and the Sun, I representing the mind and the soul respectively.

Yogas and Doshas

Mind causes pain and pleasure, hell and heaven. Its Karaka is the Moon and he is the fastest moving, quickest changing planet for the earth. Mind undergoes incredibly fleeting changes. It is most important then that the Moon should be endowed with a measure of stability and this comes through the balancing influences of planets on either side.

When the mind is thus fortified, the thinking power of the native has I the potentiality, if other factors so favour, to give unto oneself one or more of the indicated benefits. It is the extension of the same principle to the 7th house which is very important for material happiness and prosperity that forms the Chandra Adhi Yoga and the Lagna Adhi Yoga.

The 7th represents the spouse, marital felicity, trade and speculation, partners, foreign travel, latent energy and such important ingredients that go to make life or mar it.


When benefics are present in the 6th, the 7th and the 8th, not only is the 7th blessed with a benefic; it is subjected to Subhakartari Yoga. If the Moon has malefics on its two flanks, Durdhura Yoga is nevertheless present. But, the Moon is also subject to Papakartari Yoga. The results of Durdhura Yoga formed with benefics in flanks cannot be the same as when it is formed with malefics.

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Papakartari Yoga, despite the mental stability which goes with the presence of planets on flanks, introduces a predisposition to quick anger and sometimes to s streak of cruelty. An astrologer must take these things into consideration in one sweep. Piecemeal consideration will lead to certain untenable and incompatible conclusions.

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Moreover, the results of each Yoga are varied. It is not however necessary that all these results should manifest wherever such Yogas are found. The native will find it hard to enjoy semblance of stable progress. Often things seem to happen at the last moment to unsettle all previous efforts and there is many a proverbial slip between the cup and the lip — in all matters of life! Classics opine that the native will earn much by own efforts, lose it by fatalistic turn of events, and then regain it back, and possibly lose it again, if he is careless!

The person will have the potential for gaining good fame I will cover why it is possible to be famous in spite of the Sakata yoga shortly….


In practical situations involving thousands of my clients, I have seen this yoga manifest unfailingly in one of the following ways:. In short — a successful career, but personally unfulfilling after sometime — causing anxiety and feelings of insecurity. The Sakata yoga can give good fame mainly because obviously, if Moon is in the 6th or 8th from Jupiter, Chandra Athi yoga arises benefics in the 6th, 7th, or 8th houses from Moon gives Adhi yoga. If Moon is in the 12th house from Jupiter, it causes sunapha yoga, and if Moon is in the 2nd house from Jupiter, it causes Anapha yoga.

This is the reason why good fame is possible whenever Sakata yoga is present in the chart! That is the beauty of astrology — no yoga is ever blemishless, and no dosha is without accompanying positivity! It just needs keen intelligence to identify them! Yes, it is there luckily!